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11 Types of Shirts for Men should have in the Wardrobe

11 Types of Shirts for Men should have in the Wardrobe

No matter if you’re a businessman or a corporate guy, there are types of shirts that every man should have in his wardrobe. From Oxford button downs to casual chambray, some fashions are made for special events and seasons. And you can wear in almost any event. If you need some help choosing which type of shirt to buy, Shahzeb Saeed can assist you.

  1. Casual Regular Fit Shirt:
Casual shirts are more commonly worn by all age group since it is more relaxed than normal T-Shirts. This type of half sleeve casual shirts comes in a regular fit with designs like checked, cube or even plain. A casual,
loose fit, button-down shirt with colorful prints that you can wear on the beaches. The casual half sleeve will be a good choice for daily wear. If you planned for outing or shopping then you can wear this with jeans or trousers.
  1. Casual Slim fit Men Shirts:
Casual shirts come in different eye-catching colors which goes fit with a jean or a pair of chino. The slim fitting will have a body-hugging impact worn by small to medium sized men. Varieties are available with different sizes. Brands are available in the market too. You will get this type of shirts for youngsters in their budget.
  1. Iron-Free or WrinkleFree Formal Men’s Shirts:
In this restless and busy life, men want to make things easy by bypassing ironing shirts every day especially who are single. These shirts are made from pure cotton. Which helps to prevent from pressing of the material and has the advantage of reusing it again.
  1. Checked Formal Half Sleeve Shirts for Men:
Checked designed shirts is one of the oldest design which is still in trend. Half sleeves shirts can be used as daily office wear shirts and for any business formal parties. These shirts for men can wear for regular use too. Combination with trouser will fit on a different checked shirt.
  1. Checked Formal Full Sleeve Shirt for Men: Full sleeves shirts are also the most favored shirt for any kind of occasion. These checks shirts can be of various size and length. There are many colors available in this design. That is Men's formal wear styles.
  2. Denim Jean Shirts for Men:
Any design of jean material is always seen in men and women wardrobe. Plain, Faded or the bleached jean effect is in trend among the younger generation. College-going boys or men can use this type of jean shirts for an outdoor excursion. For winter season too men’s can favor this shirt. You can pair with black wash jeans. Or even with an unstructured blazer for a go-to business-casual combination.
  1. Fashionable Branded Shirts for Men: Printed shirts are among the first in the list for casual wear shirts. The print can be of any design either geometric, animal print the picture of any well-known personality. You will get this type of printed shirt in half or full sleeves, try this shirt with trousers or jeans. You will get regard from your friends sure.
  2. 8. Button-Down Shirts: The button-down was an instant classic. Classified by the thicker fabric and button-down collar, this shirt is a casual take on the traditional dress style. It’s perfect for many events, whether it be at a wedding or the office. Choose for lighter colors for a professional environment and darker shades for a casual event.
  3. Printed Formal Cuff Shirt: Cuff is an important part of the shirt which gives a more stylish look when it is highlighted by giving a different color or a printed design. The printed design can be of colored lines or colored geometric print which prominent the plain shirt.
  4. Dress Shirts for men: Elegant and simplistic, the dress shirt is exactly what you need when you’re aiming to impress. It is usually thicker than a regular shirt, with a pointed, wing or cutaway collar and double cuffs. The dress shirt looks best with a tuxedo or three-piece suit, complete with a bow tie and cufflinks. Often we can wear a black or white tie on it
11: Striped Shirts for Men: Striped formal shirt useful for them in an office meeting, seminars or daily office wear. Regular wear is popular among medium to large body shape. The men wear it along with a pair of chino or shorts. During summer pure cotton horizontal striped shirts is very familiar. These shirts are necessary and in demand type of clothing when it comes to Men daily outfit. Men’s like outing, outdoor trips, beach trips, etc. They feel better in shirts than T-shirts. The varieties of pure cotton shirts for men are available on Shahzeb Saeed as per your choice and budget.

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