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The Complete Guide of Mastering the Art of Dressing Up (Part 1)

Desi culture, especially in countries like Pakistan and India which comprises the majority of the desi population, is thought to be extremely patriarchal and biased specifically regarding looks.

It was a preconceived notion that women or girls regardless of age need to tick all the boxes of beauty that society has standardized but truly speaking my opinions have drastically changed.

After engaging in talks with multiple people from different schools of life I have concluded that it's not only women who are dissed by their physical appearance but men also are denigrated and belittled because of how they look.

Hence, due to our society pressures, all genders from all walks of life are burdened to look their best because of the fear of being ridiculed or judged. Desi hunks are supposed to have a leaner, muscular physique with above average height, lighter tone skin if not fair, a well-groomed beard, a designer haircut and a highly expensive adorned apparel to be considered as good looking.

This entire notion is preposterous as in my opinion an individual’s personality should be more of a criterion to define his image rather than his physical appearance.

Pakistani men are blessed with amazing persona and looks, the beard that most of the men wear already enhances their sex appeal and desirability quotient; they do not need any further measures to look great except being well dressed and smell good.

Being well dressed according to occasions and your body type is an art, and if you master this art, then you can carry the most risqué outfits and still manage to look a bomb.

Just wear anything which is comfortable for you as you can never be stylish without being comfortable, so always opt for clothes which doesn’t make you feel awkward or unsure.

Moreover always splurge on clothes and accessories within your budget, never try to extend your range because you think that certain clothes will make you stand out, personality is significant clothes should match to that not vice versa.

In an ordinary Pakistani household we usually encounter all sorts of men preferring a different choice of apparels.

While few prefer to get dressed up in their traditional self, others opt for more suited and formal attire, and some prefer to ooze their laid back vibes with casual stuff.

Men usually in their mid 40’s and so on are seen hooking up to shalwar kameez as obviously, it is one of the most breathable and easy to carry garment. Whether it's for offering a prayer in a mosque or attending a family gathering shalwar kameez becomes the first choice of apparel.

The pros of shalwar kameez outwit its cons, firstly its extremely comfortable to wear and carry, it never lets the heat get to you, makes you look extremely desirable and doesn’t need a lot of accessories to go along with it.

Not only men in their mid-life swear by it but many individuals love to adorn it on festivities, weddings, Eids and occasions, not just to look their traditional best but also to look different than their usual self.

Shalwar kameez endorses Pakistani culture and Muslim traditions, therefore people from all sects and classes wear them with pride and warmth.


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